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10 – Ship & Royal

First mentioned in 1876 and modified in 1878 by Mark Rest it was originally called the Royal Hotel.

In 1884 it became the Royal Grill operated by F.M Laing.  There was a grand portico and gardens at the front of the hotel, the gardens were later removed.

Royal Hotel, 1890 (South Tyneside Libraries, STH0010006)

Marr’s Corner was a tobacconist shop on the corner of Royal Hotel and it was a popular place for people to meet for a date.

1968 (Mudditt, South Tyneside Libraries, STH0006099)

It stopped being called the Royal Hotel and became the Ship and Royal in 1969.

1983 (Lubi, South Tyneside Libraries, STH0004493)

I remember outside it was also a haunt of the well known marmite character Billy Meths who would either hurl abuse at you or tell you funny stories or both at the same time!

1989 (Ron Lawson, Sunderland Antiquarian Society)

The Ship and Royal is still open now.

Ship & Royal 2023 (Terry Ford)

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