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Air Raids – Street Names

Albany Street02/10/1941
Ambleside Avenue30/09/1941
Anderson Street10/04/1941
Anderson Street02/10/1941
Barrington Street30/09/1941
Barrington Street02/10/1941
Battery Field, Westoe10/04/1941
Beach Road20/09/1940
Beach Road15/02/1941
Beach Road07/12/1941
Bents Allotments10/09/1942
Bents Park21/09/1940
Bents Park07/09/1941
Bents Park02/10/1941
Bents Park Road07/12/1941
Bents Park Road10/09/1942
Brodrick St15/02/1941
Broughton Road02/10/1941
Candlish Street02/10/1941
Canteen N.F.S.02/10/1941
Canteen Salvation Army02/10/1941
Canteen W.V.S.30/09/1941
Cauldwell Allotments12/03/1943
Cauldwell Villas12/03/1943
Challoner Terrace02/10/1941
Chapter Row30/09/1941
Charlotte Street (U.X.B)07/09/1941
Claypath Lane25/08/1940
Claypath Lane02/10/1941
Clyvenden Rise10/04/1941
Commercial Road30/09/1941
Cornwallis Square30/09/1941
Coronation Street30/09/1941
Dean Crescent10/04/1941
Dean Crescent02/10/1941
Dean Road24/05/1943
Deans Terrace10/04/1941
Derby Street02/10/1941
Derby Terrace25/08/1940
Eastfield Road30/09/1941
Eldon Street, South02/10/1941
Elizabeth Street02/10/1941
Ellesmere Street10/04/1941
Empress Street10/04/1941
Erskine Road07/11/1941
Erskine Road10/09/1942
Fawcett Street10/04/1941
Forber Avenue10/04/1941
Fort Street10/04/1941
Franklin Street07/09/1941
George Potts Street30/09/1941
Green Lane25/04/1941
Green Lane (back)11/10/1942
H. S. Edward Street02/10/1941
Harper Street10/04/1941
Harton Cemetery10/04/1941
Harton Cemetery11/10/1942
Harton Cemetery Extension U.X.B.25/06/1941
Harton Colliery Railway30/09/1941
Harton Colliery Railway02/10/1941
Harton House Road U.X.B.10/04/1941
Harton Lane30/09/1941
Harton Moor24/05/1943
Harton Moor Laundry30/09/1941
Hepscott Terrace24/05/1943
Holy Trinity Schools30/09/1941
Hyde Street02/10/1941
Isabella Street02/10/1941
King George Road09/04/1941
King George Road25/04/1941
King George Road12/03/1943
King Street02/10/1941
Lawe Road (back)09/08/1940
Lawe Road (back)15/02/1941
Lisle Road25/04/1941
Lytton Street02/10/1941
Market Place30/09/1941
Market Place02/10/1941
Marlborough Street02/10/1941
Marsden Street24/05/1943
Mayfair Gardens30/09/1941
Mayfair Gardens11/10/1942
Mile End Road10/04/1941
Moffett Street24/05/1943
Morton Street (back)30/09/1941
Mount Terrace U.X.B07/09/1941
Nelson Avenue07/11/1941
Oliver Street10/04/1941
Page Avenue (see King George Road)
Palatine Street10/04/1941
Pearson Street09/08/1940
Pearson Street10/04/1941
Percy Street25/08/1940
Percy Street02/10/1941
Pier Approach02/10/1941
Pollard Street02/10/1941
Pontop Street25/08/1940
Porchester Street08/04/1941
Queen Street02/10/1941
Queen’s Theatre10/04/1941
Raglan Street30/09/1941
Readhead park U.X.B.10/04/1941
Readhead Street25/08/1940
Readhead Street02/10/1941
Readhead’s Shipyard10/04/1941
River Drive02/10/1941
Robertson Street10/04/1941
Shadwell Street02/10/1941
Simonside Arms30/09/1941
Simonside Fields01/05/1942
Simonside High Farm12/03/1943
South Eldon Street02/10/1941
South Marine Park Lake25/04/1941
St Aidan’s Road15/02/1941
St Hilda’s Church30/09/1941
St Hilda’s Church02/10/1941
St Stephen’s Churchyard02/10/1941
Stanton Avenue12/03/1943
Stevenson Street24/05/1943
Sunderland Road11/10/1942
Sunniside, Marine mine22/09/1941
Tadema Road (A. A. Shell)12/07/1940
Taylor Street, S.02/10/1941
Temple Street02/10/1941
Templetown Clayton & Armstrongs08/04/1941
Templetown Clayton & Armstrongs10/04/1941
Templetown Newton & Nicholsons10/04/1941
Templetown, Anglo Iron Foundry08/04/1941
Thames Lane, see Dean Crescent
Thrift Street02/10/1941
Town Hall Garage, see Readhead Street
Tyne Dock Arches10/04/1941
Tyne Dock Engineering02/10/1941
Tyne Dock Mineral Railway08/03/1942
Tyne Lifeboat02/10/1941
Tynedale Road U.X.B.30/09/1941
Union Alley30/09/1941
Union Alley02/10/1941
Waterloo Vale U.B. School11/10/1942
Westoe Village15/04/1942
Westoe: Battery Field10/04/1941
Westoe: Seacroft & Fairfield15/04/1942
Wharton Street02/10/1941
Winchester Street02/10/1941
Wouldhave Street15/02/1941
Y.M.C.A. Field Lisle Road25/04/1941

Amy Flagg: “Photographs of damage by enemy action in the Borough of South Shields. 1940 to 1943” available in The Word.
Terry Ford

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