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Holy Trinity Schools – Jane Carr

Jane Elizabeth Carr (nee Summerbell) was born in December 1884 to Elizabeth and William Summerbell. Jane attended Holy Trinity Church School from the age of 3. She was 14 when she she became a pupil-teacher and she taught at Holy Trinity until the late 1940s. She uses the pseudonym “Telly-Pie-Tit” (T.P.T.), a lost phrase we know only as “Tell-Tale-Tit”, probably to reflect the fact she is telling the story of the school to us the reader. She wrote this history in 1961. She died in 1968.

Holy Trinity School, Laygate, opened in 1836. It was badly damaged by German bombing in 1941 and it closed about 1970.  On the site now is a small industrial estate and a private house almost opposite the Trimmer’s Arms pub in Commercial Road.

Trinity Church School 30/09/1941 (Flagg, South Tyneside Libraries, STH0000230)

Jane Elizabeth Carr (nee Summerbell)
Jeanne Bennett (Granddaughter)
Patricia Rigg (Granddaughter)
Terry Ford

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