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List of German Butchers

SurnameFirstNameBorn inShop StreetsShop DatesHeadstone
BalbachAndrewGermany7 Sunningdale Tce/51 John Clay St1903 to 1909N
BirkettFrederickEngland2a Chichester Road/199 Laygate1903 to 1913N
BirkettJohn GGermany63 Thrift Street/13 Market Pl1871 to 1889Yes
BrauningerCatherine (Mrs)Germany15 Cuthbert Street1889 to 1917N
BrauningerElizabethEnglandLaygate Lane1879 to 1881N
BrauningerGeorgeGermany15 Cuthbert Street1865 to 1881Yes
BrennerA?32 & 81-83 Wapping Street1871 to 1873N
BrennerS?110 Wapping Street1881 to 1882N
CarlbergAdolphGermanyThrift St/110 Wapping St/Smithy St/18 Long Row1873 to 1905N
CarlbergBerthaGermany16 Long Row1907 to 1920N
CarlbergEmmaEngland16 Long Row1922 to 1932N
CookJohan/JohnGermany107 East Holborn/30 King St/42 Ocean Rd1879 to 1899Yes
CookJohn RobertEngland9 Cuthbert Street/42 Ocean Rd/88 Ocean Rd1903 to 1930N
DietrichG?51 & 107 East Holborn1871 to 1875N
DietrichJohn GEngland107 & 19 East Holborn/8 Reed St1894 to 1903N
DietzFrederick VictorEngland67 Park Avenue1930N
DietzJohnGermany53 Laygate Lane1889 to 1891N
DietzJohn Michael FrederickGermany88 Ocean Road1932 to 1940N
DinkelFred?53 Laygate Lane1897 to 1899N
EgnerA?9 Cuthbert St1905 to 1906N
EgnerChristianGermany135 & 382 South Eldon St1903 to 1915N
EgnerJohn ChristianGermany384 South Eldon St/135 & 382 South Eldon St1922 to 1940N
EhrmannGeorge?43 Hudson St1881 to 1882N
FischerJohn GeorgeGermany125 Frederick St1903 to 1940Yes
FischerJohn FrederickGermany40 Westoe Road1907 to 1938Yes
FrederickGeorge?72 & 58 East Holborn1859 to 1865N
FromhaldFGermany8 Walpole Street1891 to 1892N
HanselmannCharlesGermany107 East Holborn/96 Frederick St1889 to 1899N
HertrichJohnGermany84 Mile End Rd1894 to 1940Yes
HertweckG?144 Frederick St1889 to 1890N
HolchErnestGermany53 Laygate1909 to 1910N
HubAlbert FrederickEngland56 Laygate Ln1922 to 1940N
HubGeorgeGermany121 Eldon Street/135 South Eldon St1899 to 1900N
HubJohnGermany52 & 56 & 118 Laygate Ln1889 to 1915Yes
KaiserJosephGermany96 Frederick St1889 to 1891N
KazenbergerFrederickGermany1 Rutland St/20 Lord Nelson St/32 & 35 Belle Vue Tce1895 to 1920N
KeithFrederick John GeorgeGermany4 Roseberry Tce/ 45 Fowler St/124 John Clay St1903 to 1933Yes
KrafftGeorgeGermany193 Victoria Rd1889 to 1915N
KuchJ L?198 Eldon Street/53 Laygate Ln1903 to 1905N
MullerGeorgeGermany43 Hudson Street/133 Sth Eldon St1903 to 1926N
MullerJane MargaretEngland32 Belle Vue Tce1911 to 1912Yes
NagelChristopherGermany9 & 7 Cuthbert Street1907 to 1922N
NagelFredGermany120 Eldon St/7 Cuthbert St/133 Eldon St1909 to 1915N
SchmidtG?53 Laygate Lane1895 to 1896N
SchmidtM MrsEngland15 Dale St1899 to 1900N
SchrothJohnGermany32 Wapping St1859 to 1865N
SeitzFrederickGermany13 & 11 Market Place1891 to 1915N
SieberFrederickGermany52 Mile End Road1895 to 1940Yes
TheissAlbertGermany177 Eldon Street1895 to 1896N
WirthF?43 Hudson Street1889 to 1890N
WolfJohn?West Holborn1865N
YagerFrederick?68 Thrift Street1865N
German pork butchers from Trade Directories (some are children of German parents)

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