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Geordie Words – Dorfy

Words below from the book “Aall Tegithor!” by Dorfy.

Abideto bear with.
a-haddena-holden, to have hold of.
bideabide, stay.
bivby. When preceding a vowel, e.g.: Biv a lang chaalk.”
blaablow, meaning a pause, a rest usually for a smoke: “Let’s hev a blaa.”
blasta puff, e.g.: “A blast o’ baccy.”
coo-paaedcow-pawed. Awkward with the hands.
canny (1)careful, sparing, e.g.: “Be canny.”
canny (2)gentle, e.g.: “Canny on, noo.”
canny (3)nice, e.g.: “Sh’s canny.”
canny (4) and (5)can mean “very well” or “not very well,” according to the inflection, and referring to one’s state of health.
claggysticky, tacky.
dartssticky mud.
to “clart on”to dilly-daily.
“a lot of clant”a delaying fuss or bother.
cock-eyedcross eyed, a squint.
coignto go round a corner, e.g.: “Coign a corner.”
coppletopple, turn over, e.g.: “Copple your creels”—a somersault.
dovered owerto doze.
fettleto mend.
fettle (2)state of health, e.g.: “Watt fettle?”
grozergooseberry. (Editor I wonder if this is meant to be “Gozer?”
gliffa fright.
goniela fool.
give-owerstop, cease.
haadawaygo away. (Probably a corruption of the nautical term “hardaway.”)
howaycome here. (“Hereaway”?)
hinnyan affectionate term resembling the south country “honey?,
to “get the hoyers”to be thrown over, i.e., jilted.
hantedto get familiar with a place. Used mostly in connection with domestic animals. “Hanted t’ hoose
hanselledworn or used until the newness is no longer obvious.
howkto poke out.
“a howkin”a beating, a thrashing.
kittled (2)kittened.
lapwrap around.
lowa flame.
lowpto leap.
marra’marrow, a mate, a. match.
onof, e.g.: “Hez onny on ye onny on ye?” (“Have any of you any on you?”)
progprick, poke about with.
plodgewade, paddle.
porkyannoyingly fussy about food.
scad (2)tea: “A cup o’ scad.”
stotty-cyeka flat cake, “oven-bottom cake,” made of yeasted dough.
stive, stifea stifling atmosphere (usually connected with the smell of cooking).
slockenedslaked, to quench the thirst.
shulla shovel.
scruffyvery dirty.
teemto pour out.
varnynearly, very near, very nigh.
waa’ndwarrant, suppose.
wairshtasteless. (Possibly corruption of “wheyish.”)
“wairsh gob”a preference for unseasoned food

Dorfy – “Aall Tegithor!”
Terry Ford

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