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2 Thrift Street

Thrift Street

Thrift Street was also known as Commerce Street there are references to Thrift Street as early as 1802 so probably both names were in common use, though Commerce Street declines in use after the 1830s and Thrift Street is the most popular, this follows a similar pattern of usage to Ocean Road and German Street.

Thrift Street ran from the Market Place along the riverside until it joined Long Row just after Broad Landing. 

The address numbers on Thrift Street start from the market end on the left side of Thrift Street go down to Long Row then continue on the other side as displayed in this Ward’s 1895-96 Trade Directory. Pub numbers: Bee Hive pub is 5, Globe Inn is 25, Marquis of Lorne is 59, Union Flag pub is 62 (note numbers do change as buildings added and removed).

A short section of Thrift Street still exists to the left of Heron Foods in the Market.

Beginning of Thrift Street in the Market 1940 (Flagg, STH0000716, South Tyneside Libraries) / Heron Foods 2021

In 1827 there were 10 pubs advertised in trade directories for Commerce/Thrift Street it was about 200 yards long so a pub every 20 yards!

The most notable buildings on Thrift Street were Forsyth’s Dock later Tyne Dock Engineering ship repair yard, The Union Flag, The Marquis of Lorne and The Old Greenland Fishery public houses.  There are references to a “cockpit” where cock fighting would have taken place the building was later was used as a Methodist chapel! Cock fighting was banned in England in 1835.

Thrift St 1938 (Flagg, South Tyneside Libraries) / Alley next to Heron’s Food 2021
Thrift St, Bambro’ Castle 1899, (Willits, South Tyneside Libraries) / Long Row 2021
Thrift St, Silent Woman pub, 1899 (South Tyneside Libraries) / Long Row 2021
Thrift St, (Willits, STH0000287, South Tyneside Libraries) / Long Row 2021
1917 Ward’s Trade Directory

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Terry Ford

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Terry Ford

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