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11 – Criterion

Originally a pub called the Burton House which adjoined the Free Library in Ocean Road it dated from about 1870, this was sold in 1874. 

The Criterion opened in 1875 was named after The Criterion Grill in London.

The pub originally was designed to cater for businessmen and such places were called Chop Houses.  Where businessmen would meet and eat fried chops and steaks.  One of the chop ovens is still in existence in the pub though only the fire is used now.

Criterion Restaurant & Grill, 1900s (South Tyneside Libraries, STH0004671)
WW1 celebrations, 1919 (South Tyneside Libraries, STH0001300)

In later years the pub became a Tetley’s house!  One of the very few in Shields.

1989 (Ron Lawson, Sunderland Antiquarian Society)
2000 (Ron Lawson, Sunderland Antiquarian Society)

It closed in 2012 and became Ladbrokes the Bookmakers but in 2018 unbelievably the Criterion upstairs opened again.  Looking exactly like it did 100 years ago!

Bar 2023 (Terry Ford)
Bar 2023 (Terry Ford)
Side wall 2023 (Terry Ford)
Chop oven 2023 (Terry Ford)

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