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World War One

These are postcards from the Somme in 1916 and 1917 from a Shields lad to his wife and 3 sons in Adelaide Street, Laygate.  It is very surprising that these got through the censor!

“Before and after the bombardment of Albert” 27/6/1916

Albert before
Albert after

“This is the pit we fought for in a hand to hand fight we took it alright and it is working now dear wife and sons” 27/12/1916

Bethune Pit

 “This is the canal we had to swim through after a seven day’s bombardment of the Somme, and it was awful cold, and it was a good job I could swim.  So I got off lucky wife only a few barbed wire scratches” 3/1/1917


It looks like the postcard location has been scratched out by the censor!

D McLaren

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