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3 Long Row

Long Row 1896 map

Long Row started just after Broad Landing where Thrift Street ended.  It was most likely named “Long Row” because it was largely a “long row” of houses. There were 6 pubs advertised in Long Row in the 1827 Trade Directory.

The Stanhope and Tyne Drops were at the end of the Stanhope and Tyne Railway and were built in 1834.  Coal from the Durham coalfields was transported to the riverside and then the coal trucks were lowered into waiting colliers. 

Unfortunately the Stanhope Drops were unable to cope with the demand and when Tyne Dock opened in 1859 the business was transferred to there.

The Stanhope Drop Saw Mills was established in 1866 on the site of the old Stanhope and Tyne Drops by John Potts Wardle.

The company remained on the site until 1966 after which they moved to Jarrow Road.

J P Wardle’s saw mills and Brigham and Cowan’s dry dock 1960s (STH0001990, South Tyneside Libraries)

The site then became part of Brigham & Cowan’s Docks which closed in 1982.  Part of the site is now called Captain’s Wharf where artist Irene Brown’s fleet of seven stainless steel collier brigs were installed in 2004.

Long Row ended at Fairles Quay where the Stanhope and Tyne Railway would have crossed the road near the old railway turntable.

End of Long Row 1938 (Flagg, STH0010593, South Tyneside Libraries)

When Brigham & Cowan’s Docks expanded it absorbed the whole of the original Long Row.  The original Long Row is now part of a housing complex which includes a street which is also called Long Row, though it does not follow the same route.

Looking up Long Row,1928 (Willits, STH0000292 South Tyneside Libraries) / Captain’s Wharf 2021
Corner of Burnt House looking up to Lower Thames Street 1931 (STH0003284 South Tyneside Libraries) / Captain’s Wharf 2021
End of Long Row, Emma Carlberg butchers 1937 (Thompson, STH0000295, South Tyneside Libraries) / Captain’s Row 2023

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Terry Ford

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Terry Ford

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