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05 – Alum House

The Alum House is the oldest licensed building in South Shields.  The building dates back to the 1700s but it is not mentioned as pub until 1838.  The Ship and Harbour Lights both predate this as pubs.

Alum, 1900 (South Tyneside Libraries, STH0004175)

The Alum House takes its name from the Alum Shale which was off loaded nearby for use in Isaac Cookson’s Chemical Works.  Alum was used in glass making and making Epsom salts.

Alum, c1930s (South Tyneside Libraries)

The Alum House was owned by the Wood brewing family for over 100 years. In 1937 the Alum became the drawing offices for Tyne Dock Engineering. 

1939 (Flagg, South Tyneside Libraries)
TDE, 1982 (Lubi, South Tyneside Libraries, STH0004825)

During the war it was used as a base for the Home Guard in the 1980s it was used to sell furniture.

In 1989 it became a pub again owned by the Vaux brewery.

1990s (South Tyneside Libraries, STH00010815)
Alum bow window, 2023 (Terry Ford)
Bar 2023 (Terry Ford)
Side room 2023 (Terry Ford)
Painting in the men’s toilet (Mick Ray)

It is owned by Marston’s Brewery now.

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